Women’s Boxing Gloves VS Women’s MMA Gloves

Both boxing and mixed martial art are fighting sports that are very popular. Although it is mostly practiced by men as a profession today,boxing gloves for women are actively involved as professionals too. It is nowadays practiced by many as an art of self protection and a way of reducing weight and keeping fit. Whichever one you are participating in it there are some principles to be adhered to. The most common mistake that many starters make, is not being able to differentiate the kind of gloves that one is supposed to use in either of the sport.

The gloves differ in design and here are some Differences.

Finger design

This design difference is clear as black and white. When it comes to boxing gloves, they go on like mittwomen boxing glovesens where they wrap all the fingers in one single compartment. This means that a whole hand is inside the glove. The mixed martial arts glove accommodates each finger in its place. It works like a normal glove. This is because the MMA sportswoman requires her hand to hold onto the competitor during a competition thus her fingers should be given the room to grasp the opponent.


The boxing gloves are heavily padded compared to mixed martial art gloves. This can be explained by very simple logic. During a boxing match, heavy punches falls on fighters’ heads directly taking to the account that it is where points are earned. To cushion them from possible head damage a lot of padding is necessary. When it comes to MMA gloves the padding is less just to accommodate grappling and kicking.


Mostly, the boxing gloves wrap much of a fighters forearm and will be held tightly in place by laces. This is to avoid any instances of them falling off during a competition. Remember that boxing deals only with exchanging punches and if the gloves are not tight enough, the extent of force might make them fall off. On the other hand the mixed martial gloves do not cover more than the wrist and are held on position by a wrapping strap and Velcro tabs.


Boxers in competition should wear wraps to protect their wrist, knuckles and forearms for protection against punching injuries. This is what will make the boxers gloves to look bigger in size compared to MMA gloves to accommodate them. The competitors in mixed martial arts do not require such protection and thus the gloves are designed in a very compact form making them appear small in size.There are different size boxing gloves available for women like 16 oz boxing gloves, 14oz gloves and other size are available in eCommerce store.  These are some of the very common features that can help women differentiate between the two types gloves. There some more other ways of distinguishing them but the above are the main ones that you can identify easily.